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Chatterboxes Stan and Ernie live in a world of screens, hemmed in on all sides by raw, processing data. It’s their job to cut through the noise and pinpoint insights and learnings to inform the creative process. Keeping watchful ears on all the activity, they keep an idea relevant, contemporary and unique - always looking to add to the conversation.

If you don’t know what everyone’s talking about then how can you add something useful? In the Listening Post, Stan and Ernie tap into our first-party data, chatter and information from all over the globe.

They’ll then use tools like QUID and Crimson Hexagon to see the conversation as well as hear it.

They check research like Oath’s Brand Love Index and Content Moments to tune in to what people love and when they’re loving it so that when RYOT add something to the chatter, people will want to hear what’s being said. This means RYOT’s ideas land in the heart of the conversation, rather than on the outskirts.